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Bitcoin Crash Game NodeJS + API Support 2022

We present the new Bitcoin Crash Game NodeJS with API support much faster, lighter and easier to install. Create your own Bitcoin Gambling site now with the Crash Game, it is very new and exciting. Implement your own Bitcoin project and earn millions with this Bitcoin Software.


This bitcoin software is preferred by all entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin ecosystem, wait no more and become a Bitcoin millionaire by creating your own Bitcoin Crash Game site.


  • User Authentication.
  • Fake Players.
  • Fake Chat Players.
  • Perfect Game Security.
  • Hot Wallet System.
  • Bankroll System.
  • Auto Withdrawls system.
  • Deposit (+ unique wallet for each user).
  • Users Tip (send users bits to each other).
  • HighChart User Stats.
  • Live User Chat.
  • Transaction History.
  • Game Hash History.
  • Auto Script Playing.
  • Front and light Admin + Simple Wallet Manager.
  • Database Manager.
  • Standard Game Rules (eg the coefficients of the numbers).
  • Easy modfication Server Side Scripts.
  • Easy Install (Quick and instant installation with API support).
  • Bootstrap & WebSocket.
  • Full Event log in console (for developers).
  • Responsive Design (mobie, tablet, etc …).
  • RTL Support.
  • Bitcoin Wallet Manager.
  • Admin Manager.
  • Free Support 24.


  • Linux, ubuntu, windows Server (WHM – Cpanel).
  • HDD Space: New support for the use of API, you only need 1 GB (Coinbase PRO, Blockchain,
  • PHP 7.1.3 or higher.
  • MySQL database.
  • Socket.
  • ExpressJs (Node.JS).
  • Nuxt.JS 2.11.0 (VueJS).
  • Laravel 7.0 (Game Control Panel).
  • Certificate SSL.

What is crash Game?

Crash game is a modern and online type of betting that is based on calculations and mathematical algorithms, which are also known as, chart game. After entering the game site panel, at first everything seems simple, which is a great feature for blast game players because they can easily play, but inside the game, complex and special algorithms are used to Winning requires skill and if you want to play only on chance you will definitely lose.

How is Bitcoin Crash Game software converted to cash?

In the end, we want you to be succesful. Our lite version offers already much more features and games for your players as gross of any established casino’s. Our software is delivered with crypto support. Using crypto you can start your own casino platform completely anonymously from anywhere in the world.

Security is key. All deposits and player transfers on your website are handled by external provider,,, we can provide custom payment provider aggregators upon request. You enter your own crypto endaddress in Bitcoin Crash Game software control panel, on which all your customer’s payments are automatically forwarded towards.

What is the code level game algorithm?

function crashPointFromBank(seed){
var check = checkBankroll();
var point = crashPointBySeed(seed);

// if check returned true, it means your wallet (bankroll) have balance for current round.
return point;

//else return below 1.01 (your wallet not have enough balance)
return Math.min(point, 1.01);
Note: checkBankroll() function can skip bots amount. just it will can effect on users.
Note: checkBankroll() also can make bust game when a user profit is higher than bankroll during play.

How is the Bitcoin Crash Game Script algorithm made

After specifying the bet number, you click on the bet registration option. During this time, the crash game algorithm receives a number from the server, which is called a hash number. Now you see when the game starts that the odds start to increase. Your job is to click on the withdraw button before the game closes. Then the coefficient that exists at the moment of withdrawal is multiplied by your initial money and this is basically your profit. But the role of the Bustabit crash game algorithm is to reach a certain coefficient by applying the known mathematical calculations on the hash code. That is why you see different coefficients in each hand. Because each hand generates a hash code at random, a different coefficient is available. You might think that with these conditions, hacking the crash algorithm has nothing to do with it. But no, you are sorely mistaken, because with the start of each hand, the game of explosion in the form of code md5 tells you the coefficient. But still you can’t find the coefficient neither you nor anyone else.

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